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@BFCS1856 May 27, 10:40

Who's up for some Mahler in June...will be an excellent concert, and a rare oppportunity to hear this work!

@thestonemaid May 16, 11:37

Weekend Workshop 8th And 9th Of July

@BFCS1856 May 08, 18:09

Next Saturday soloists from @OperaNorth Chorus join us to sing favourites inc. March of the Toreadors & Anvil Choru…

@crissxross May 07, 18:29

Separation - new sculpture by @thestonemaid at Dean Clough Galleries

@thestonemaid May 05, 17:47


@thestonemaid May 05, 17:45


@thestonemaid Apr 12, 23:10

Stone Carving Workshop

@thestonemaid Mar 29, 22:25

S E P A R A T I O N  An Exhibition By The Yorkshire Sculptors Group

@thestonemaid Mar 29, 21:47

St Mary's In The Wood II

@thestonemaid Feb 27, 22:28

Revised Stone Carving Date

@DewsburyArts Feb 09, 20:34

Our Spring Exhibition starts on Saturday (member's preview Friday night) at Batley Art Gallery! Get yourselves...

@thestonemaid Jan 27, 12:39

St Mary's In The Wood

@BFCS1856 Jan 14, 19:47

Would you like to 'Come and Sing' Mozart's Requiem, a piece of music that is surrounded by mystery and intrigue?...

@thestonemaid Dec 15, 17:07

St Mary's In The Wood

@thestonemaid Dec 15, 16:55

West Riding Woodcarvers Association

@thestonemaid Nov 28, 17:48

Stone Carving Workshop Dates 2017

@BFCS1856 Nov 25, 20:15

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas...

@crissxross Nov 25, 09:33

Ladies; have your say about the way YOU are represented in the media in 'Don't Tell Me To Smile':

@ProtestPics Nov 15, 09:04

"I'm Muslim and people call me terrorist. Do you trust me? If yes, hug me." This is so powerful.

@SouthernStone11 Nov 11, 14:11

November News From Southern Stone

@thestonemaid Nov 03, 16:26

Stone Carving Weekend At The Hepworth

@Bea_Wright Oct 28, 13:25

Getting ready for our Stone Carving Masterclass with @thestonemaid @HepworthGallery this weekend!

@HMILeeds Oct 25, 16:44

Hear @llefeuvre, our Head of Sculpture Studies, talk on Eleanor Antin’s ‘Carving: A Traditional Sculpture’ 9 Nov 6p…

@thestonemaid Oct 20, 05:36

Stone Carving Masterclass At The Hepworth - MELANIE WILKS  Sculptor

@thestonemaid Oct 05, 19:34

Stone Carving Masterclass At The Hepworth

Melanie Wilks Sculptor

Melanie Wilks MA. A sculptor who specialises in stone carving based in Dewsbury West Yorkshire.. SCULPTOR - ARTIST - STONE CARVER I am a sculptor who specialises in the carving of stone. Using hand held tools, I carve directly in stone, by which means I am involved in the production of my sculpture from initial design to the finished product. I produce drawings for my sculpture, I refer to these whilst carving, however the drawings are a guide, rather than a definitive model for my sculpture. As well as creating work for my own artistic self expression, I work to commission and over a career that spans more than 25 years. I have produced many publicly sited sculptures. My sculpture can be seen in towns, parks and public spaces in and around Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.